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 Awards Selection Process

1. Recommendations must be      sent to chair by October 1st.

2. IMEA Board of Directors
    meets and selects award
     recipients in early Nov.

3. Awards Chair notifies
    recipients and nominators.

4. IMEA President presents
    awards during General
    Session of IMEA Convention.

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It's Time to Submit Nominations For:

Outstanding Hoosier Musician
Outstanding Administrator
Outstanding Indiana Music Educator

     The IMEA Board of Directors has established an Outstanding Hoosier Musician Award designed to give recognition to an individual who has contributed to the advancement of music education in the state of Indiana, and who has contributed outstanding service to local, state, and national music organizations.

The IMEA Board has established an Outstanding Administrator Award to give recognition to an individual who has contributed and supported the advancement of music education in their local school corporation(s) through their leadership. 

The IMEA Board has established an Outstanding Indiana Music Educator Award in each of the following areas:
Elementary;  Middle School / Junior High; High School; and College / University. The awards will be given to those teachers who have exemplified outstanding achievement in the field of music education.


To nominate, please send the appropriate Nomination Form and the
following information to:

Betty Martens
2297 W 600 N
Rochester, IN 46975
(574) 223-4969

(574) 835-2572

  1. IMEA member making nomination - Name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, and place of employment of nominee
  2. Nominee address, e-mail address, telephone number, and place of employment
  3. Brief biographical information of nominee
  4. Reasons for nominating and/or other recommendation information.  This may include additional letters of recommendation and/or acclaim from a variety of sources, newspaper articles, or other documentation. 

OCTOBER 11, 2013

Outstanding Music Educator Award Nomination
Outstanding Administrator Award Nomination
Outstanding Hoosier Musician Award Nomination


Previous Winners

Outstanding Indiana Music Educator Award

1990 Larry Chubb
1991 Dorothy Kittaka
1992 Jane Conner
1993 Joann Whorwell
1994 Beth Pickard
1995 Sara Minor
1996 Ruth Dwyer
1997 Linda Poulter
2000 Diane Barton
2001 Ruth Springer
2002 Phyllis Froenicke, Jan Morris,
         Jody Wyss-Treadwell
2003 Judy Ward
2004 Susan Trueblood
2005 Susan Lough
2006 Karen Monesmith
2007 Wendy Bloom, Marilyn Hensley
2008 Gary Meek
2009 Sharon Ford
2010 Mary Beuoy
2011 Denise Gilliland
2013 Kristin Loos

Middle/Junior High School
1990 Karen Lion
1991 Susan Finger
1994 John Kelly
2000 Cynthia Bradford
2003 Janel Baker
2004 Susan Ellington, Donna Person
2005 Deborah Darnell
2006 Jane Brewer
2008 Michelle Oyler
2009 Marcia McBride
2010 Marie Palmer
2011 Cindy Johnson
2012 Kathleen Swayze

High School
1990 Robert Miller
1991 John M. Parshall
1994 Richard Dennis
1996 Donald Robb
1997 Elizabeth Levin, Janis Stockhouse
1998 Larry Neuhauser
2004 Charles Kubly, Daniel Pritchett, Angela Hampton
2005 Tom Barker
2006 Judy Hubbard, Pat Wiehe
2008 Doug Fletcher
2009 Tim Cahalan
2010 Richard Saucedo
2011 Rick Granlund
2012 John Hilmer

1990 Ray E. Cramer
1991 Eleanor K. Meurer
1992 Henry Leck
1994 Marilyn Vincent
2000 Richard Parker
2001 Stephen Pratt
2002 George Weimer
2004 Joseph Scagnoli
2006 Jeff Doebler, Don Ester, Thomas McCauley
2007 Robb Thiel
2008 Keith Sweger
2009 Kimberly Inks
2010 Ryan Hourigan
2011 Robert Grechesky
2012 Harry Miedema
2013 Brenda Clark

Outstanding Hoosier Musician Award

1985 Freeman Burkhalter, Nilo Hovey, Newell Long
1986 Robert H. Klotman
1987 Robert T. Carr, Harry R. Mamlin,
         Charles A. Henzie
1988 Elizabeth Meloy, F.Earl Dunn, Fredrick Ebbs,
         Charles Hoffer, Cecil Leeson
1991 William G. Fread, Robert Hargreaves
1992 Leon Fosha , Robert Phillips (Posthumously)
1994 Phillip Albright
1995 Robert Cowden
1997 Gene Poston
1998 Leslie Gilkey
1999 Mary Goetze
2000 Philip Dunn
2001 Jamey Aebersold
2002 Tim Lautzenheiser
2003 David Baker
2005 Ray Cramer
2006 Carol Finkel
2007 John Aylsworth
2008 Russell Brown (Posthumously)
2009 Charles (Rusty) Briel
2010 Dr. John Egan
2011 Ruth Dwyer
2013 Erwin Mueller

Outstanding Administrator Award

1984 Edward T. Swain, Ernest V. Copple
1985 R. James Risk, Ernest Meldcalfe
1986 Raymond L. Fatheree, Jerome M. Sector
1987 Robert J. Tandy, Robert L. Zimmerman
1988 Deborah J. Glass, James Joros
1990 Roger H. Schnepf
1991 Robert Fulton, Stephen R. Wise
1992 Eric Witherspoon, Edward D. Burkhalter
1993 M. Kevin Kyle
1994 Robert Baker, Steve Bollier
1995 Jerry Dixon
1996 Erwin Mueller, Kenneth Brist
1997 Eugene White, James Babcock
1998 John A. Marsh, Jr.
1999 Roger Norris
2000 Kenneth Steeb, Ed Eiler
2001 Duncan Pritchett, Jr., Timothy Schirack
2002 Roger Fisher, Derek Arrowood,
         Dr. G. David Peters
2004 Leon Carter, James G. Ton, William Neale
2005 Mike Pinto, Sean Conner, Mark Mow
2006 Connie Thomas, Steve Miller, Robert Bean
2007 Roberta Lynn Henderson, Dr. Jeffrey E. Wright
2008 Sue Olinghouse
2009 Susan Richards
2010 Dr. Alva Sibbitt
2011 Heather Pierce
2012 Todd Prichett
2013 George Roelandts, Bart Rice, John Scheib

Outstanding CNAfME Chapter
2008 Ball State University
2009 University of Indianapolis
2010 Butler University
2011 Ball State University
2012 Butler Univeristy
2013 University of Indianapolis

Outstanding Future Music Educators
Joanna Golando, Butler University
Catherine Ahls, Ball State University
Matthew Rooney, Ball State University
Elana Bewley, Ball State University
Michael Richardson, University of Indpls.
Zak Tschiniak, Butler University
Lindsey Yntema, DePauw University
Nicole Starke, DePauw University
Cora Davidson, Butler University
Jaclyn Boskamp, University of Indianapolis
Brianna J. Clark, Ball State University
Amanda Vidal, University of Indianapolis

Pete Weldy, Butler University
Andrew Moran, University of Indianapolis
Seth Davis, Indiana University

Laura Alonzo, Butler University
Katie Dunlap, University of Indianapolis
Christen Joyce, Ball State University

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